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Class of '38 Ford one ton pickup

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I have a 1938 Ford One Ton Express Pickup, and I'm a little uncertain as to what class it fits into for judging. I see three possibilities:

1) 21G Ford V-8 from 1938-1940; 2) 22B Commercial vehicles 1928-1942 (under 1 ton); and 22E Commercial vehicles 1928-1942 (1 ton & over). I suspect the class is 22E, but when I looked at entries at the Hershey meet last week, the appearance of my vehicle is much more like those in class 22B than those in 22E. This is a frame up restoration. The vehicle was a dealer demonstrator which explains chrome, colors and options.


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The commercial trucks are sorta funny classes IMO. Commercial trucks don't get properly restored nearly as often as cars so more variety gets lumped together in a single class. Bring good documentation for the demonstrator, I'd be shocked if it wasn't questioned as most of us are going to be unfamiliar with it.

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