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Early 30's fender light ID

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I am hoping that some one here can ID these fender lights.Need to ID them so I can advertise them correctly.Look like for a big classic like Cadillac etc.They resemble the Euro Marchal head lights.Thanks

Fender lights 1.jpg

Fender lights 2.jpg

Fender lights 3.jpg

Fender lights 4.jpg

Fender lights 6.jpg

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Ah, you sort of hit the Holly Grail - they are 1930 and 1931 Cadillac 452 Series V-16 and worth decent money, especially if the lenses are glass and not reproduction plastic.  The bases do appear to be reproduction via casting marks.


Sidenote:  the lens is unique to V-16 - and 31 Cadillac V-8 and V-12 used the same light, but a different lens. 

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