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  1. In search of parts for the 1932 Buick glove box clock.Need the 2 rear knobs and good balance staff.
  2. r Sheldon Bardin <> Sheldon Bardin <> More pics - -
  3. Deutsch It most likely is.Thank you!
  4. A friend asked me to post this for him.Quite a rare car.It is LHD.German origin and shipped early in its life to Africa. Found in Senegal (Africa ) a few yrs ago by a French Military Officer.When the car was shipped there I do not know.That owner had work done while he was stationed there and brought it to France when his tour ended.The engine (24 stud)was rebuilt there and runs good.Body and paint was done a couple yrs ago in France.A new Mallory style electronic ign,coil and new plugs and wires were installed.Carb is a rebuilt Stromberg 97.Still has the orig mechanical brakes. These are all the pics I have for the moment.Grille looks more like a '37.I just saw a copy of the title It says first registered in 1938 also noted is V8 68.It does run and drive and licensed and registered in France.Lots of play in the steering and pops out of 2nd. Restoration needs to be redone or finished.Restored correctly it would be outstanding.All the special parts appear to be there.It was never a rust bucket.It is in France near Orange.Shipping not a problem.It was taken in on a trade deal and he is wanting to move it down the road.Make an offer.Realistic Value? 10,15,20,25K ?
  5. Original heart shape back Phaeton,Roadster or Cabriolet wiper motor. Length of shaft is 2" from case to tip.Chrome on body and top are incredibly nice with no flaking or pits.Tough to find with chrome in this condition.The cover however has scratches.Needs to be serviced which is just to remove the top ,clean and lubricate the paddle. The missing chromed speed control has been found and will have it in a couple. weeks.Email questions to:($425 shipped.PayPal friends transfer.
  6. Waltham 8 day dash clock.I believe it to be 1934 Packard .Working condition and seems to be keeping good time.Bezel 3" dia and stem length 2 1/2 " from base of case. PP.PayPal Friends transfer( SOLD.
  7. ☺️I pair of original Fender lights.Bases appear to be repro.Lenses are glass.1 has a very small ding on the back of the bucket/housing.Best offer .SOLD
  8. John,Thank you.The lenses are glass. Sheldon
  9. I am hoping that some one here can ID these fender lights.Need to ID them so I can advertise them correctly.Look like for a big classic like Cadillac etc.They resemble the Euro Marchal head lights.Thanks
  10. Very nice and rare .Recently serviced by retired watchmaker who also replaced the winding and setting knobs that were missing.No mirror.Offers.Will appear on EBAY 8/10 but will sell off line and end auction if no bids.