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'39-42 Wheel INNER trim rings

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One thing about Bernbaum's catalog.  NO PICTURES.  Just some very generic drawings.

Anyone know what these look like?

Will they install on the '35-36 artillery wheels?

Are they very similar to the inners that Ford offered for 1940 ?

Someone have a photo of the factory accessory on their '39-42 wheels?




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Are you looking for inner trim rings for a '39 or a '35 / '36?  I have the original inner trim rings / wheel discs for my 1936 Dodge and they are nothing like the 39 Chrysler ring pictured.  I have a 1935 Chrysler CZ and when I get home from my vacation, (I am traveling right now) I can see if they will fit the '35 Chrysler wheel if that is the car you need them for.  If I can be of help, let me know.

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To clarify.   I have a '35 Dodge that, as far as the grandson who sold it to me can determine, has had a set of plain chrome inner wheel trim rings on its original artillery wheels.    Full life inside stored whether at orig. owner's carriage house on Long Island, then 25 years on blocks there after his passing, then 35 years in a Massachusetts garage (grandson).    When I got the car and cleaned them up, one of them was rubber stamped on the inside by Lyon Corp.   As you may know Lyon made '30s accessory equipment from trim rings to spare tire outer bands and eventually into the '60s produced most of Detroit's OEM production wheel covers.


Now,  MoPar offered no inner ring in '35 that I can find.   So my hunch is that these plain rings were an over the parts counter purchase at the Dodge store when the car was in for service in '36.   I am told they were in the '36 accessory catalog but I haven't seen one.   Via this thread I now understand perhaps available '36 to '38 then superseded by the radially ribbed ring style shown above for '39.


One of my dual sidemounts has a very nice (well waxed I presume) Lyon trim ring.   Pic attached.   The four that were on the road wheels did not fare all that well over 80 years.  If I could order a set from Bernbaum to match, I would have.   NO PICTURE from Bernbaum so I had to ask.


So, 35cz8,  I don't "need" them in sense of being without.   Would very much like to upgrade this survivor car to a used set with much less patina.  3 or 4 would do that.   PM me for further discussion.    Thank you.IMG_4025.JPG.99c25f13d7df3d66c6246655b8ef8b3b.JPG

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