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This is the most recent windscreen I made for my TC. It is made from Lexan and engraved with the TC emblem. In this picture it is lit from below by a small led flash light taped to the bottom. The next thing to be done will be to attach LEDs that are powered from the car. Even cooler would be to use Adafruit LEDs that could be programmed to be red when you hit the brakes. The brackets for mine are covered in burgundy leather to match the interior. The ragtop can be put up without removing the windscreen. 

I made a second one if anyone is interested. The brackets could be covered in your choice of black or ginger leather. If you want Burgundy you would have to supply the leather. I used the leather that shrunk off the the large dash triangle for mine but I do not have any extra Burgundy leather. Cost $200

Floyd Lighted windscreen cropped.jpg

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