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  1. This car is closer to a parts car than a driver. There is currently no bid. MIlage 108000 automatic white ginger interior
  2. This black / ginger car sold at the Vermont Copart lot this morning for $225
  3. There is a 1990 black / ginger interior TC available on Sale date Tuesday Oct 30 and has a $700 buy it now option
  4. Correct There is nothing like a nice custom touch on a newly wrinkle coated and restored valve cover
  5. There is an allpar article on this tape deck that describes repairs.
  6. John, Could you post a picture of the finished install? thanks Larry
  7. There was a TC America article on this subject 3 or 4 years ago. basically spray "Black Satin" spray paint into a cup. Use a brush to fill in the letters, paint over the edges slightly. After the paint is dry use a 3M sponge with the green scrungy side to remove the paint that is dried. The scrungy sponge will leave a matte finish for the painted letters. I will find the article this week end, scan it and upload it. The only caveat I have is, the article suggests using steel wool. This I would not recommend. Steel fibers could embed in the stainless reflector. Any fibers from the steel wool embed will rust and leave spots.
  8. The plastic gear can be ordered through any GM parts department for 5 or 6 dollars. They should have the plastic gear in a couple of days after being ordered. I will post the part number when I get home tonight. If you get the plastic gear out of a junkyard, there is a 50% chance the gear you get will have a crack in it or teeth will be missing. You can not tell if the gear has a crack until all the old blue grease is removed. The same plastic gear in the TC can be found in late 80's and early 90's Cadillac's or Lincoln's with pull down motors on the trunk.
  9. I added tan extra wheel center cap to the oil filler cap. After dremeling off the back it was epoxied to the filler cap in place. Thanks for the idea TNtc. Larry
  10. The back side will need to be removed, but I think that would look good. I will add this to my to do list.
  11. The instrument cluster shown above came out of an early build 1989. In 89 there were only two instrument leather options. The Bordeaux cover came in a Royal Cabernet TC with a Bordeaux interior. The ginger interior TC's (yellow, Royal Cabernet and Red) had a brown leather covered instrument panel in 1989. The leather piece is attached to the plastic housing by four screws. You should be okay switching out your plastic wood covered instrument shroud with the early build shroud that does not have the plastic wood.
  12. I have modified the brake pedal and gas pedal on my TC to use the rubber pedal covers from a 2003 to 2005 Maserati. I purchased the rubber pads through eBay. The original picture I lifted off the web because I did not take a before picture. The TC brake pedal had to be cut and welded to accommodate the Maserati brake pedal. The TC plastic gas pedal was cut and modified to be able to use the Maserati rubber gas pedal. The metal plate was made to fit into the Maserati rubber gas pedal cover. The metal plate had bolts welded on that go through the TC plastic pedal. The plate was then bolted through the modified TC gas pedal. The modified gas pedal is actually 3/8" higher than the original, although I can not tell the difference. The TC gas pedal spring and attachment to the rod of the gas pedal was not modified.
  13. I am going to redye my bordeaux steering wheel. the web page is: I made me think that there might be a possibility for a black 89 steering wheel option. it will take a little work but, you could redye the ginger leather black. Leatherique has an number of articles on redyeing leather. Going to a darker color is easier than going to a lighter color. A Dairyland SDAC member redyed his ginger steering wheel recently. The pictures are below. I think it looks nice. Before After
  14. The link below to has a 5-speed for auction. current bid Wednesday 19th $2,200 it appears the auction is over Oct 24th Location: POTOMAC FALLS VA 20165 Yellow ginger no ragtop is visable interior is in very good shape Mileage 24302 odometer gears are probally broken since trip odemeter is at 000 A/C compressor is missing 22 pictures are listed on the site
  15. There is a yellow ginger 5-speed with 32000 miles for sale in the Copart salvage auction. The auction is a pure sale but no date has been set yet. The interior is very nice. says damage; burn - engine VIN: ZC2FR1104KB204483 Unfortunately it is located in Hawaii more pictures can be seen at: