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  1. I saw a TC somewhere on the net that had one of these in the hard top port window. I think you should sell the Lexan with engraving and let people decide where they want to put them. Awesome idea though! Any close up pics?
  2. Have any info on this? Google let me down. Looks like a gun metal color. Is it metallic? I was thinking painting mine a black metallic with a bit larger flake than most stock paints you see. I like that color though, Shame it didn't make production.
  3. I was thinking of making something to lift off the hard top while in the garage(one person). I can't be the only one with this idea, Has anyone tried it/made it?
  4. Now how about competing in the burnout contest?
  5. The TC was not a good business decision as history shows . But if it wasn't for Iacocca there may not have been a Chrysler. Hope we all can live to the age of 94!
  6. You can look on uship for shippers near your location. Read the reviews they are helpful.
  7. You might want to post this in the TC section...
  8. Looks like a mopar 8 3/4. Look on the third member for a casting #
  9. It's not where it's made it's what it's made from! Check out the link below for details. You won't find any high dollar tools(Snap On SK Mac Matco etc) made from all chrome vanadium. Harbor freight and other cheaper tool manufactures will use it. If you do some digging you can find out what a tool manufacture uses. There are all kind of different materials used but it comes down to cost to use quality metals or cheaper ones. I think most of you have heard of Gear Wrench right? Well ever wonder where it's made? China! They are fairly well made tools for being made in China because of the material used to make them. Gear wrench tools also have a lifetime guarantee but i never had to use it. I think you need to send the damaged tool in for replacement. I recently bought their 239 piece set for under $200(on sale). Cant beat it for the price and it's a good carry around set!
  10. If it's been sitting for 35 years you can bet the cylinders have rust on them. How much is the question. To much you won't be able to turn the crank. You may want to remove the plugs and get one of those mini inspection cameras to see what the cylinder walls look like.
  11. I used to look up seals on but seems like the site changed a bit. If you know the inner and outer diameters of what you are trying to find a seal for try here... You used to be able to enter a width dimension also but that's gone along with the seal lip design choice.😕
  12. The key dance will give you fault codes and for most purposes it will be all you need. The two digit codes are general but if you need more detail you need to get the POXXX codes. IF your bluetooth supports ODD1 then you should be able to get the PO codes. Below is the key dance...
  13. They make them for various cars(mainly cheby), The one above is for a Challenger.
  14. In my book, AWESOME! It's a shame Chrysler only built these cars with 4/6 cylinders and front wheel drive. Some of us want more! You may not know about this but there is a company that makes full frames for unibody cars. This would be the way to go for such a conversion. Of course this would have to done by the owner because it's not made for the TC.
  15. I eventually plan on a 5.7 hemi swap. And yes, rear wheel drive. Possibly independent i haven't got into that far yet. If you look on youtube you can find Lebaron/Daytona V8 swaps that may give you some ideas. Granted it will be more involved than just putting in a different engine.