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  1. The OP "Vango" Last visited January 24(assuming this is 2020). Unless he comes back i doubt anyone will get an answer.
  2. And that's good thing, Never could understand why Chrysler even came out with panther pink.
  3. And it was the lowest produced color! The high impact colors had to be ordered so what does that tell you. Definitely a chick car.
  4. Locate a electric motor rebuilder(local or otherwise) They can get just about anything you need.
  5. I think posting on ebay would be good. But have it be a reserve price. There is a pandemic so you may not get what you think it's worth. I know you don't want to separate it but you will get more $ if you do.
  6. Congrats! Actually those three words are good if you are looking to buy. At least for me anyway. 🙂
  7. "tune"? I was referring to the post from Plumbinguy not the OP. He did not mention any code #'s...
  8. Do you know what code/s you are getting? If not you can use the key dance... http://www.allpar.com/fix/80s-codes.html
  9. People have also made a "one person" top remover. You have to search for the threads.
  10. It was sold in Chrysler dealerships only when new. So the original title would say"Chrysler". I would say it depends on the state you try to title it in. Mine says Chrysler. Only issue i had was the color name. I put down what was was on the original title(different state) but they said it had to be something different(don't remember). And they said they had to do some research because they where not familiar with it. Color says "MN" on the title now. ???
  11. Is there such a thing as a " Chrysler TC Maserati registry? If not maybe there should be one.
  12. Some states have limitations on when and how far you can drive. Where i live you are limited to 3000 miles per year.
  13. This is "forum" so i would say all with a possible no to the last one. But that depends on who is running the site/forum. Usually non automotive posts don't do so well as far as traffic. Just my $.02
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