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Wanted for Essex 6A 1919


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Thanks for that Tom 

Just having issues with the ignition system, hence the cap, points, rotor arm.

Also a Petrol cap 2. 2 " internal dia. would be great.

Still need to find out more about the Essex.

There were a couple of articles on the Essex doing the Peking / Paris rally in 2007.

Two months round about July / Aug and possibly June July in the White Triangle news.in 2008.

The Essex was number 12 and completed the rally.

There is a brief You tube Vid. for a few seconds as the vehicle left China.

I also have 1919 Briscoe 4 - 24, 1930 Rolls Royce, 1935 Bentley 3.5.plus a couple of 90's vehicles .

Always happy to help locate any Brit spares if you require.

Regards - Ron 


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Not sure if  year of Essex is correct but registered here in UK as 1919.

Conversely I have a Briscoe 4 24 which I believe is 1919 but registered here as 1920.

If anyone can find any info. from 'White triangle' magazines 2008? specific to number 12 in 2007 Peking Paris- would be appreciated. 

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