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  1. Not sure if year of Essex is correct but registered here in UK as 1919. Conversely I have a Briscoe 4 24 which I believe is 1919 but registered here as 1920. If anyone can find any info. from 'White triangle' magazines 2008? specific to number 12 in 2007 Peking Paris- would be appreciated.
  2. Sorry George Wasn't at Hershey indeed I am located in the UK. I was looking for Distributor cap and Rotor arm for 1919 Essex 6A . Still chasing some spares that apparently should have been with the vehicle I recently acquired. Regards - Ron ronpbowden@yahoo.co.uk
  3. Would you have any ignition parts for an Essex 6A 1919 ? Please see attachments Regards - Ron ronpbowden@yahoo.co.uk
  4. Thanks for that Tom Just having issues with the ignition system, hence the cap, points, rotor arm. Also a Petrol cap 2. 2 " internal dia. would be great. Still need to find out more about the Essex. There were a couple of articles on the Essex doing the Peking / Paris rally in 2007. Two months round about July / Aug and possibly June July in the White Triangle news.in 2008. The Essex was number 12 and completed the rally. There is a brief You tube Vid. for a few seconds as the vehicle left China. I also have 1919 Briscoe 4 - 24, 1930 Rolls Royce, 1935 B
  5. Hi Tom Thanks for reply. I am in UK. so can I email you ? ronpbowden@yahoo.co.uk Regards - Ron
  6. Wanted for Essex 1919 - Distributor Cap, Rotor arm, ignition points. Also wanted - Petrol cap to fit same 2.2 " inside diameter. Thanks - Ronpb
  7. Hi (is that you Kevin) - My Brisco 4 24 has Meyer updraft carb don't know much about it but looks very small. Not tried to start it yet - struggling with distributor. Have got compression and Starter now turning. Now playing with hood frame trying to increase head space over driver's head. Need any instruments only got fuel gauge. No linkage for Accelerator or Advance retard. Located here in UK. All best - RonPB
  8. Does anyone recognise the Bodywork on my 1919 Briscoe 4-24 which appears very similar to the 1922 Oldsmobile 'Hillbillie' vehicle? I believe bodies were imported from the States to Brockville after the body shop burnt down in 1918. Does anyone have a 10" contracting brake band complete with linkage for the left side of my 4--24 or suggest a possible replacement ? ronpbowden@yahoo.co.uk Regards - Ron
  9. Does anybody know if the 1920 ish Briscoe 4- 24 4 seater body was imported from Oldsmobile after the fire at the Briscoe factory in 1918. I ask because the Beverly Hillbillies vehicle (I believe 1922 Oldsmobile) looks very similar to the Briscoe. - Ron
  10. Hi Yes I seem to have had problems sending pics. I have had to reduce the pixel size and I don't have Email at home so a quick resume: Yes this is the 4 24 that was apparently very incomplete but I have obtained quite a few bits and bobs and this Sept acquired the headlights and a dizzy cap which is on loan for the moment still could do with full set of points and I do need a left side Brake band and immediate linkage. There a long list of stuff to get including instruments and linkages to the steering column. The engine is now shaping up and I have good compression . The carb. ( Mayer) is
  11. Hi Just check out attached pics Regs Ron B
  12. Have acquired this cap 2 5/8'' inside dia. to photogragh but still need one and preferably rotor am 1 1/4'' in length with 3/8'' hole dia. and points VBW Ron Bowden
  13. Try these - It is a Mayer carb, I have managed to replace the spring in the dizzy and cleaned the points however the rotating brown wheel has distorted oval and does not rotate so will try to restore it to round but obviously could do with replacement points complete. There is model 16 on the rotor arm. Regs - Ron Bowden
  14. Try these for now - Im struggling to get the other side brake band and linkage and the correct dizzy cap will get some pics of mayer ? carb inlet mushroom valve inlet. This site seems limited to pixel size can send pics more easily via my email ronpbowden@yahoo.co.uk
  15. Hi Am just about to try and register the Briscoe with a 1919 number and am in the process of getting as much together as possible. I am still struggling with finding a correct distributer cap for the Telelec type 16 dizzy and am now trying to find a mushroom type valve for the bottom feed to the Mayer ? carb. Then I will need a contracting brake band and linkage for the left side rear brake and any instruments for the dashboard. If you have any items or info on anything I would be very grateful. I am hoping to travel down to our National Motor museum Autojumble at Beaulieu this weekend, but A
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