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Playing w Fuel Gauge


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So I have decided that I am going to acid etch the proper markings back onto the factory 1927 fuel gauge!


The original markings came right off when I was working to get all the grunge and caked on varnished fuel off the gauge.


A friend of mine made me some mask and tonight I decided I’d play with it a bit, yes I know the centers of both “4” are off but it was just a bit of playing with positioning before I do the actual mask and etch this weekend!


Ive seen some folks use fuel liners and make stencils for the markings and they have come out great and while I will be using KBS coatings to protect the entire underside of the gauge as well as all metal parts, this is the same “KBS Coatings ahold Standard Gas Tank Liner” that I used on the new fuel tank we built, I decided to go a little different route and acid etch the markings on the face.


I know there is no going back once I start with the acid etch but I plan on practicing on some scrap metal first before touching the gauge.


I just wanted to share my idea and plan on doing a little video and write up on the process as it might assist others with their fuel gauge markings.....


I hope everyone enjoys.....





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4 hours ago, Terry Wiegand said:


By all means please do a video of this process.  I have often wondered just what is involved in doing something like this - and especially in a mass production mode back in the day.


Terry Wiegand

South Hutchinson, Kansas




Absolutely Terry!  Here is a sample video of the etching process and while there are many different methods, it seems to be pretty easy.....



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Forgot that I had posted this a while back!  For those that maybe didn’t see the latest on my little project here are the pictures.  This was just a practice run at etching the fuel gauge markings for our 27/27 Buick fuel gauge.  I first use some masking tape (blue painters tape) and using a 12v 1.5amp trickle charger, approx 1.5 cups of distilled white vinegar, tea spoon of salt, Q-Tips, masking/stencil (actually called RESIST when using this form of etching).  I’ll be making a video when I do my next practice run, I am planning on doing 8-10 etchings before doing the actual gas gauge dial as you only get ONE shot at etching so practice practice practice, then practice again!  

I hope you enjoy and I will post a link to a YouTube video when I do my next practice run.....



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Not yet but I am planning on doing some and see how it goes.  My plan is to do some copper and nickel plating and see how it turns out.  The next experiment is going to be some home casting as well, there are a few projects that Hugh and I are working on and I am going to try my hand at casting and see how it goes.....

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