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Is this an All Weather Kissel Kar?

Brad in Wisconsin

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Brad -


Kissel introduced its “All-Year” top in late 1914 according to the Val Quant Kissel book. That could have been for 1914 or for the 1915 year models, since the Kissel model years started months earlier than the years. 


As to this pictured car, it could be a Kissel as it has the “look” and lines of a Kissel. However it has a slightly sloped windshield which is not normal for Kissel sedans. Also the Kissel removeable tops are usually more rounded in the few adds that survive. However, precious few pictures of early Kissel sedan pictures have survived and only one All Year removable top sedan has survived of any year. So comparisons are hard to make.


Below are are some 1917-18 pictures of Kissel All Year cars.


Ron Hausmann 





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