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Raineri Alpex musical horns operation


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Does any one know how these are supposed to operate? They are from Italy and I can't seem to 

get information on google.

The compressor runs but only one horn operates.

There is a terminal under the red plastic cover at top where the hoses connect.

Is this to be grounded or power added ?

Does the compressor body need to be grounded?

I had a set before that all of the horns worked at one time , but wouldn't play a tune.

I want to sell them . but I'd like to make them work.

This is an older set with metal horns.





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1 hour ago, roysboystoys said:

It is , but I don't know how to get it here. 

I thought someone else might need it someday

just post the link without the file. Select it on the web site and press ctrl-C for copy (or right click on it and select copy) and paste it in here. To select, start before the link and end after the link, or you will go there!

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