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PRICE REDUCED: 1979 BUICK Dealer Color & Trim Album. Excellent Condition.


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This is a complete, excellent condition 1979 BUICK Dealer Color & Trim Album. It would have been used by the dealership's sales staff to work with a customer in preparing their factory order for a new '79 BUICK. It covers all 1979 BUICK models in detail. Includes tremendous detail abut the available exterior colors, interior fabrics, interior seating options, engine and transmission specifications, all available extra-cost interior and exterior options, and DELCO audio options (radios, tape players, CB's, etc.).


Totally original, comes in the correct, thick BUICK 3-ring binder, with Happy the Hawk on the cover. Includes sections for Riviera, Riviera S Type, Skylark, Century, Special, Sport Coupe, Century Custom, Century Limited, Regal, Electra, LeSabre, Estate Wagon, and Century Wagon. Many color and b&w photos. Has large exterior color chips, interior fabric samples, vinyl top color and pattern samples, and protective body=side molding insert colors. Also has a full=color section on the Designers' Accent exterior colors, which shows their placement on each particular '79 BUICK model.


This is a wonderful resource for any 1979 BUICK owner. Also is a super item to display with your car at shows. Again, this '79 BUICK Color & Trim Book is totally complete, in excellent condition,  with no rips, tears, fingerprints, or dirt marks.


The price is $90, plus the actual cost of shipping. PRICE NOW REDUCED TO $75, plus the shipping. Thanks for looking. John

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I wound up finding TWO of these excellent condition, 1979 Buick Dealer Color & Trim Albums among my goodies. This album contains a large RIVIERA section, with paint color and interior trim samples. The first album has been SOLD, but the second 1979 BUICK Dealer Color & Trim Album is STILL AVAILABLE.  $75, plus the shipping. Thanks for looking. John

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