1937 Oldsmobile Distributor Electrical Power Problem

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I am having a electrical power problem which is not allowing my 1937 Oldsmobile 6 to start - I basically have no spark. Here is what I have determined...

I do not have any power off of the capacitor ignition wire terminal to the distributor, I have replaced the capacitor but still no power off the capacitor terminal to the distributor, I have tested the positive and negative terminals on the capacitor and they are power.

The second location is the center ignition wire terminal post on the distributor, no power off this location too.

Both tests were done while the engine was turning over. 

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated... could it be the point set? 

Thank you

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My way of testing. Turn on the key, pull the coil wire and hold it close to the coil, crank the engine and see if spark jumps.. If nothing else was done to the electrical system, If spark jumps put coil wire back in. remove the coil wire that goes in dist. cap, crank motor over and see if spark jumps. If not put in another coil. If spark jumps from coil wire to dist. cap then put coil wire back in. next remove dist. cap and crank over and watch points to see if you have spark. If not clean or change point and set to 15 thousands See how this goes and then come back here. Hope this helps

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