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Locomobile 25" Firestone Rims Wanted


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello John,


Yes this looks like what I am looking for.  how many 25" rims or rim pieces do you have?  Please call me so we can discuss today.  Respectfully, Vincent Bakich

17 hours ago, JAK said:

Hi Al,

No it is just the outer ring.

Not sure about the 27" set I have but that won't do him any good

Hope all's well with you.



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Hello John,  Could you add a couple of nice close-up pictures of the 25" Firestone rim you have posted here.  Please get a good quality picture of the outer bead ring and lock ring area as it fits against the tire and also a similar picture of the opposite back side bead area of the rim and tire. 


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