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Wanted Fisher Parts Price Book 1924-1927

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Want to buy a Buick 1924-1927  Fisher Parts Price Book closed body original books prefarred.I have a 1924-41 Master model 4dr, and a friend of mine has 1924-50 Master 4dr. closed models on both.

1924-1925 bodies are proberly very similar to each other, 1926-1927 books are interrested too.

The picture of the front page are from "internet".

Leif in Sweden.


Piteåresa Buick 1924 hämtning 003.JPG

Buick 1924 Första hämtlasset från Piteå (7) - Kopia.JPG

1924  Buick Master mod 41 från Lennart 2016 (36) - Kopia.JPG

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