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Convertible top Vinyl or Fabric ?

Charlie B.

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Just looking for opinions. I will be replacing the top on my white 90 "Vert" and would like to get thoughts from the forum folks about the material.

Should I go for vinyl (Like original) or fabric. I understand the fabric tops look very nice. But I also think the original (White) looks good too.

The car is white with white mouldings and burgandy interior.

I would appreciate the thinking of true Reatta lovers Re: material and color.

Charlie B. confused.gifconfused.gif

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Charlie: Consider a burgundy cloth top to match your interior. Know it's not stock -- but the neatest-looking convertible on eBay was white with a dark blue cloth top matching the interior.


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The 1990 Buick Product Manual indicated that Red, Blue, Black, and Tan cloth tops were available.

We have no idea what happened but as of this date, we have not recorded a factory Red or Tan top. One of the donated convertibles has a Blue top and there are several 1990 convertibles with Black cloth tops.

The choice is yours, and I think it is a personal choice. Unlike painting the car a not original color, the top is much easier to change. If someone later wants it stock, it's an easy job.

Several companies sell replacement tops for the Reatta. Electron has a huge selection of vinyl and cloth colors. Electron is probably the most expensive but they come with a heated glass back window that is factory bonded in place.

Other tops come with plastic back windows or you must transfer your original window to the new top and hope it doesn't leak.

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