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Teens to 30's Auburn Packard R&V Marmon National Overland etc Brochures

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I recently listed much of a collection of older literature I recently acquired. Some neat pieces in the lot and much of it is Older stuff,  probably not commonly traded and especially not at the opening bids I set with no reserve of 2.99 to 4.99.  It all sells regardless of what it brings and I'll gladly combine shipping.  Very securely packaged with media mail shipping will get several brochures to you in the 6.00 to 7.00 range for the whole order.  Names include Marmon, National, R & V, Auburn, Packard, Oakland, Templar, Peerless, Pierce Arrow, Cadillac, Overland,   Chrysler, a 1911 Hudson piece, Much is in the 20s to 30's.  Some very nice some rough but all original.  Of course as well as my usual 30's to 70's Pieces from all makes foreign and domestic.   

Here is a link



As well as a sample of a few.









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