Adam Sommers

1989 Maroon Chrysler TC by Maserati for sale in Tucson, AZ

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We purchased a house last year, and all contents came with it, including the Maserati in the garage. Cosmetically it's in a great shape for a 30-year old car, but it needs some TLC, like new valve cover gaskets, and new brakes. We have the matching hard top, also garaged, stored under the factory cover. It is #342 from 1989. Does anyone here know of a potential buyer? We are looking to get $3,000 for the car, based on the condition. Please let me know if you or anyone you know would be interested.



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If you would reveal the VIN number, or at least the last 6 digits starting with a 2, we could find out a little of the cars past. How many miles does the odometer show?

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