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  1. Text me. There is a nice one in the local yard. Criss 817-715-4334
  2. Where are you located? I just stripped an 89 Turbo II and the engine is still intact. Text me 817-715-4334 Criss.
  3. I am parting an 89 TC. Infiniti sound system. Complete ginger interior in excellent condition. No seat, though. Also, excellent black soft top and Tevis ABS unit. No other parts available. Text me at 817-715-4334 Criss
  4. For sale is a very clean 1990 TC. Bought new in Arlington Texas. Always been in Texas. 3rd owner. 129K miles. Great shape inside and out. Lots of new parts. Great top and tires. Smokes a little bit on start up, A/C blows cold. Runs and drives great! Asking $4250 obo. Please call/text for details Criss@817-715-4334
  5. I need some help! I have a '90 TC thats hard to start. I suspected a fuel problem, so I followed the manual instructions on the fuel pressure test. Fuel pressure is 48+/-2 psi while running, however, it drops to zero when I shut the car off. Watching the gauge while cranking, the pressure takes 5-10 seconds to build up, and the car starts once the pressure reaches about 30. This lead me to suspect a bleed-off issue after shut down. I pinched off the return line while the car was running and the pressure rises to about 70 psi, but drops to zero when I shut the engine off. This eliminated the FPR as a culprit. Next, I pinched off the main fuel line while running and immediately shut the engine off. The pressure stays steady at 48 psi. This eliminated the injectors as the culprit. So, is the system SUPPOSED to bleed off ALL pressure once the engine is shut down?Or should some remain to ensure an easier start? Should the pressure be bleeding back through the pump? I have found nothing in either the TC manual or Chilton's that describes this issue. PLEASE HELP!! Criss Crombie 817-715-4334 cscrombie@yahoo.com
  6. For sale- Arctic White, Ginger interior and tan top. One owner until 2012. 51,125 original miles. Very clean and well maintained. Both tops. Asking $5,770. Pics available upon request. Call or email for more details. Located in Dallas-Fort Worth. Criss at 817-715-4334
  7. I too am having the same problem. Relay 4221653 is corroded, and I am unable to locate. The other relay is available through Standard products under part# RY27. If you find a source for the other relay, please let me know. Thanks and good luck! Crissman Crombie 1991 TC Artic White Ginger Interior 50K original miles
  8. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the top pulldown circuit? Any help diagnosing why the top pulldown motor doesn't work would be greatly appreciated. Thanks cscrombie@yahoo.com
  9. Does anyone have a link to any diagrams? Thanks
  10. Can sombeody email the ABS relay schematic? cscrombie@yahoo.com
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