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Window Sweeper for 35 KC


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My 35 (2nd series with the new 36 cab) KC has no window sweepers.  Should it have them?  I see them listed for this year truck in catalogs, but the associated clips that appear to go in a round hole do not look correct for my truck.


It appears that there are two rubber bumpers (which seem to be available) on the metal trim piece which surrounds the window opening on the inside.  On the door itself I see 2 similar long oval holes in the sheet metal.  These seem the only candidates for a window sweeper.  There is some evidence of a small rubber strip having been glued along the sheet metal at some point in the past.  Any chance the window sweeper could just be glued in place?


Does any one know what I should have?





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There was no outer sweep on either the cars or trucks. The outside oval holes are for rubber bumpers. Most of the cars usually had an inner sweep.  I don't know if the trucks had any inner sweep, they may have just had the rubber bumpers. Some folks try to add stuff so that so that's probably what you are seeing with the glued in rubber. Originally. both the cars and trucks had a rubber glass retainer channel that had a dust flap on the outer edge. That flap would help to seal out dust and debris but I don't think it kept out mush rain. make sure the drain holes are open on the bottom of your doors. There are a couple of ways to duplicate that outer dust seal. Get a length of "L" shaped rubber extrusion and glue it to the outer side of the glass retainer channel or, what we used to do, was when setting the glass in the channel, we would add a rubber strip in the channel along side of the glass. There are some rubber channel extrusions on the market but it's hard to determine if they will fit the channel and if the flap will be long enough to actually seat to the inside window sill.

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