Gas shooting out above accelerator pump

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So right now im chalking this issue up to it being the first type of carb I've rebuilt.  I've rebuilt snowmobile, and boat carbs, and treated this the same way by taking pictures as I take it apart and documenting it as well.  There is also a video on youtube showing Mike from Mike's carburetor rebuilding this type of carb.  So good resources are available.  On to my issue. Car is a 1940 Pontiac Deluxe. I rebuilt the carb all new gaskets, jets, and of course accelerator pump.  Mounted the carb, and the car starts now, but when you put your foot on the gas, it shot gas above the accelerator pump.  I put some oil on the leather part of the pump  as was suggested.  And it says its ethenol ready.  I took the carb off, took it apart and made sure I didn't miss anything, or anything was lose. I noticed the leather around the pump was a little deformed, and looked like it shrunk up.  So i put the original pump back on, put it back together, and havent gotten a chance to get to it till today.  Well once again it shot gas out of the top.  So I have a few ideas, what it could be.  I think need to recheck the needle valve, to see if the tip had warn off. I know thats an issue ive come across with rebuilding snowmobile carbs.   But im open for other suggestions as well.  

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Generally, this condition is caused by the pump discharge valve being stuck. If the valve is closed, the gas has to go somewhere, and it bypasses the pump skirt, shooting up alongside the pump. A clogged discharge passage would cause the same condition.



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