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  1. 1940 Ponitac Deluxe 28. Ok finally got this car back together, and was going to take it for a ride. When I moved it in and out of my garage only used reverse and 1st, so never noticed the issue. So it went like this, reverse good, 1st great, 2nd oh crap the clutch pedal is stuck and cant shift into 2nd. Car ioff and not using the clutch, you can shift into any gear. But if you use the clutch it looks like the clutch linkage is loose enough that its hitting the shift linkage, and stopping you from going into 2nd. I'm thinking a bushing has worn away. Anyone know something about this?
  2. Ok I think I found one on Ebay that should work. I saw one for the same year, but it had an extended shaft, and said it would fit the 28. Do you know much about that type of pump? I didn't get one one, more out of curiosity.
  3. The kits I have found are for the 6 cylinder, so not sure that would work.
  4. !940 Pontiac Deluxe 28. Finally got everything back together, and fired the car back up. A few tweaks to the carb, and the engine sounded pretty solid. Did a little walk around the car and noticed, crap a puddle of coolant on the ground. Opened the hood, and sure enough, looked like it was leaking from the weep hole. Up till not I really haven't had any issues finding parts for this car, well until now. What I've found is mostly kits and pumps for the 6 cylinder, this is of course the straight 8. Are the 6's water pump compatible, or does anyone know a good source for a pump? I haven't
  5. Ok I found something similar, looks like the correct name is front junction block
  6. So I had had a little mishap last night connecting the brake lines to the new master cylinder. I used my fingers to start the thread for the brake line coming from the rear. It must have moved while I was tightening it, because it cross threaded the threads in the hole. Im going to try and fix the threads, but in case I wasn't able to I was trying to find somewhere online that had these. My usual source didn't have them, neither did Ebay. I attached some pics of what I need in this message. Anyone recognize it, maybe know where I can find it.
  7. I have a scanned copy of the torque pattern, and found a few images online even here. But the print is so small I can't easily make out what the numbers are. So does any one have a good copy of the head bolt pattern?
  8. So finally getting the end of fixing this old girl up, at least for the year. I've been pretty lucky finding the parts I need, except for the exhaust. I've looked on ebay, but I can only find what I need for the 26 series not the 28. Anyone know where I can find what I need?
  9. So right now im chalking this issue up to it being the first type of carb I've rebuilt. I've rebuilt snowmobile, and boat carbs, and treated this the same way by taking pictures as I take it apart and documenting it as well. There is also a video on youtube showing Mike from Mike's carburetor rebuilding this type of carb. So good resources are available. On to my issue. Car is a 1940 Pontiac Deluxe. I rebuilt the carb all new gaskets, jets, and of course accelerator pump. Mounted the carb, and the car starts now, but when you put your foot on the gas, it shot gas above the accelerator pum
  10. Ok thanks for the info @poci1957 I went ahead and ordered the hose from Pontiac Parts. @Tinindian yeah I questioned that hose as well. Especially since it was so hard to find, and every alternative didn't have ribs. But, figured I would ask anyway just in case the ribs actually served a purpose.
  11. I have a 40 Pontiac Deluxe 28. The ribbed coolant hose going from the thermostat housing to the top of the radiator needs to be replaced. I found one for the 26 series which is the 6 cylinder, so not sure if there are any differences with this car being a straight 8. Does the hose have to be ribbed, did it serve a purpose with coolant flow? My two go to places have nothing for this hose, so hoping not sol on this.
  12. Located in Northern Illinois, car is a 1940 Pontiac Deluxe. Ok thanks Ill look at the tractor supply direction. There are a few close by.
  13. I wanted to say thanks to everyone for your advise with getting this old car running again! There is one area I'm still not 100% sure on, the electrical system. Owner says he used a 12v battery when it was previously running. I really don't see any evidence of this being upgraded to a 12v system. Not to mention there is no way to securely hold a 12 battery. It just rests on the distributor cap. I see the voltage regulator, and there is a label marking 12 volts. But I still see a generator, and the lights are marked 6 volts. Digging further I turn the lights on, and I'm getting 12 volts
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