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BCA Board elections

Barney Eaton

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Roberta posted on the Buick General site a reminder to vote for the Board members if you are a BCA member....the ballot is with this months Bugle.

If it makes any difference to you.....

Sid  Meyer  owns a couple of Reattas,  one is my 1991 white convertible.

Larry Schramm  is a "teens" Buick owner

John Steed has a '37 and '41 Buick

Jack Welch has '37, '40, and '63 Buicks

You get to vote for three people..........please vote

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I'll echo your sentiments about voting for BCA Board members.  As a Board alumni I can personally attest to the worthiness of the venture.  Although many things within the BCA have changed since I sat on the Board, it's still a cool way to be intimately involved.

Good luck to the candidates,

Bob Leets

Flint, MI

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