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Trying To Locate This Model A

Dave Gelinas (XP-300)

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Hello To All


This Model A Pickup was photographed at the  Cruisin On Main Street Car Show in  Manchester, Connecticut several years ago.

I am trying to locate the Model A and its owner.

I have contacted the Model A clubs in Connecticut, but it has yet to be fruitful.

Can anyone help?

1930 Coca Cola Truck - Manchesterm CT Car Show.jpg

1930 Coca Cola Truck Manchester , CT 2012 Car Show.jpg

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10 hours ago, Steve_Mack_CT said:

We attend a lot of events in CT, have had a couple of As and never seen this before.  Will ask around though, if helpful..

Yes please do.

I'm quite certain by the inspection sticker on the windshield, that it's a Connecticut vehicle.

How could I get a list of Connecticut Model A owners?

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