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1926 Rolls-Royce

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DavidAU, I too wish I could find a picture of the original, but I will keep searching: For now, below is some information from the build history. This may be leading nowhere but it is sure interesting to me. 


12DC Series X

Engine:  AD15

Body: "Cabriolet" is written then crossed out and "Enclosed Drive" was written on top of the line

Date of Sale: 15-1-26

Sold to: Paris Office for Messro Kellner for W. Lit

Tyres: Dunlop 33 x 5

Sale Price: £1850

Shipped on SS Lotea on 1-4-26 from London to Boulogne 

Steering: B

Levers: "Body Between" is written then crossed out. "Set in" was written on the top of the line

Under fittings:

-Long Wheel Base £50

-Springs for 650 lbs Body. Passengers 6-4.

-Wheels Dunlop s/s 33 x 5 wide. 

-1 extra spare ditto with dust excluder £ 12

-1RR Mascot & Cap £4




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Having a cross out on a RR build sheet is common, enclosed drive is just a fancy name for a 7 passenger sedan. Its quite possible the car went from a sedan, and then was modified and updated into a town car with skirted fenders. New head lamps, ect. It's possible the Marshal headlamps are original, as that is what would be expected to see on a car delivered to Paris. It's also possible they are a later update as well. I would run an ad in the RR club publication asking about the car. It may also have been serviced at the factory at some point in its life, and at one time you could get the information from them. Detailed photos of the windshield and front doors from inside and out would help determine if the body was a sedan cut down in the era to a town car. 

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