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  1. DavidAU, I too wish I could find a picture of the original, but I will keep searching: For now, below is some information from the build history. This may be leading nowhere but it is sure interesting to me. 12DC Series X Engine: AD15 Body: "Cabriolet" is written then crossed out and "Enclosed Drive" was written on top of the line Date of Sale: 15-1-26 Sold to: Paris Office for Messro Kellner for W. Lit Tyres: Dunlop 33 x 5 Sale Price: £1850 Shipped on SS Lotea on 1-4-26 from London to Boulogne Steering: B Levers: "Body Between" is wr
  2. I received the build history for Rolls-Royce 12DC from The International Club for Rolls-Royce and Bentley Enthusiasts. I have not had a chance to really read through/decipher everything but it was not an American coachbuilder. The car was sent to Paris to The Kellner Coachbuilding Company.
  3. Not great ones, but I did get some pictures.
  4. Ok, I will try and get some taken soon. Thanks.
  5. Thank you all for your time and information. I have purchased the build history for Rolls-Royce 12DC from The International Club for Rolls-Royce and Bentley Enthusiasts. This is a file of work/test reports compiled during construction at the factory by the mechanics and engineers. Hopefully, this will clarify matters.
  6. I guess I just do not see what you guys are seeing. This is also a 1926. Could you please explain why you think the fenders are too modern? To me, they look just like the 1925 silver ghost fenders.
  7. I am also confused about the auction flyer. The left-hand drive Rolls were made in the US: In 1921 Rolls-Royce opened a new factory in Springfield, Massachusetts in the United States (to help meet demand) where a further 1,701 "Springfield Ghosts" were built. This factory operated for 10 years, closing in 1931. As for the fenders, check these out: https://www.supercars.net/blog/1926→1931-rolls-royce-springfield-phantom/
  8. I would but it is $95 to join their club. A little too steep for my questions.
  9. Interesting thought but I think Rolls-Royce was just ahead of the pack. If you look at the New Phantom years, they all have basic same fender shape starting in 1926.
  10. I have also found the auction flyer from back in 1996. I am now searching for information on Holbrook bodies.
  11. Thanks, chassis number makes more sense.
  12. I am researching a 1926 Rolls-Royce. The serial number is 12DC but I have been unable to find information on what DC is or what it represents? Any information or direction on where to look would be helpful. Thank you!
  13. Do you know the make of this car? This photograph was stuck in a back of a book with no reference to its make. Any suggestions would help. Happy Thanksgiving weekend!
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