New Ignition Components!

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So today I fianlly got out and did some wrenching, I replaced some parts that needed attention including: A new Ignition Coil, New ICM, New Spark Plugs, and a new transmission filter. It was crazy how much of a difference replacing a few parts does to your car. This car feels how it has never felt, shifts smoother, and cranks like a dream! Next step is the front strut assemblies. But I shared a picture of the old ICM and the coil. That stuff acts like super glue when trying to get bolts off! Never seen anything like it, what kind of substance is it?? but glad that problem is outta my life!


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I don't know what it is but it is nasty stuff. I've not found a good solvent to clean it up.


When you are ready to do the struts they are available in the Reatta store, Instructions for installing them are on Reatta Owners Journal.

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