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  1. RetroJohnny


    Okay, Thank you Dave! That was what I was thinking, and hoping for!
  2. RetroJohnny


    Hello everyone. I am revisiting my CRT issue after a couple of months. I am king of procrastination. I have just finished fixing up my daily driver, and now the spotlight is back on the Reatta. The CRT is very indecisive on when it wants to work. It will be perfectly fine for 20 to 30 minutes, then all of a sudden it'll start lightly flickering then BAM, full on static. Sometimes that static even stops and the screen goes completely black. But here is the catch, the screen still responds to touch even if it has gone dark. Then after a couple minutes of darkness, you can hear a high pitched tone and all of a sudeen it flickers back on into perfect picture. SO I am torn, is it the CRT unit itself that has an issue OR is it the CRT Controller (I really don't know much of anything about the CRT Controller) ? And it's not too dire of an issue to deal with, because I have memorized where most buttons are for Volume/ A/C, etc. But I am trying to make this Reatta roadtrip worthy, and this would need to be on the to-do list. I would love some trained Reatta pros input on this! ?
  3. RetroJohnny

    CRT Fail HELP

    Hey guys so you know that saying... if it's not one thing, it's another! Welp thats where I am at. I was leaving a parking lot earlier today and all of a sudden the CRT just started jittering and then suddenly went static. Occasionally it will pop back into place, but for all of tonight it has mostly been static. Really weird right. No problems with it before, it just all of a sudden happened. So I know it's not going to get better so I know there is a guy that deals with these things, anyone know some contact info? Or what I could do, I heard these things are a pretty penny to buy "Newly Refurbished" so I would prefer to just get mine fixed! There is a picture I took tonight to show example below. Thanks for everyone on here.
  4. Hey folks, so I am going to go through with replacing the TCC Solenoid on the 89' Reatta, I believe that is my issue for sure. But I can't really find good directions on the internet for the 440t4 TCC Solenoid replacement and the Manual is sort of short and to the point with it, no pictures?. So I was wondering if anyone that has done this and would give me or refer me to step by step directions to this replacement. I really really do not want to take it to a shop, that is the last thing I want to do. And if I did one day down the road I would probualy get it all rebuilt, this old 4-speed is in need of some love...
  5. RetroJohnny

    Arising "New" Transmission Issue

    Yes, I have checked the codes, the only code I found was E039, which the Reatta Service Manual reads "TCC Circuit" , So hey, maybe it is that simple of a fix. And I couldn't be the ignition coil or ICM, those were replaced not two months ago becuase I had exactly your problem, sticky gooey stuff coming out of it. But exactly your thought, the TCC is what the computer thinks it is, so that is going to be my first fix! I checked and they are about twenty dollars on RockAuto.
  6. RetroJohnny

    1988 Buick Reatta accident question

    I had a similar issue happen to me, woman backed right into me, totaled the whole driver door. I called my insurance comany and their first thought is that they were just going to total the whole car, after some negotiations (and begging) they paid me out the value they thought the car was worth, so I guess I am a somewhat rare case maybe, but a call wouldn't hurt and you would for sure meet that $500 deductible.
  7. Any 3.8L Pre-Series Engine (LN3) is a direct fit, those are from 1988-1991, you can get a Coil from a series I or series II, 1992 to 2003 I believe, but you have to do a little tinkering to the more modern ones to make them fit, many people on here have done so though.
  8. RetroJohnny

    Arising "New" Transmission Issue

    Thank you so much, I am actually planning on looking into the TCC Solenoid, heard they aren't too hard to replace. But also everytime it rough shifted the CRT would read "Electrical Problem has Occured, Sericve Soon." So my guess it has to be elecrical if the computer is aware of it.
  9. RetroJohnny

    Arising "New" Transmission Issue

    Hey everyone, long time since I've been on here, been real busy with work and what not. But I've done a lot to my Reatta, new front supension including struts and mounts, and it really is turning out into a perfect little roadster except one underlying issue. My Reatta has always had rough shifts here and there, but lately its been completely absent and shifting great. Up until today... After driving 70 + on the interstate for 20 or 30 miles, back on a smaller highway all of a sudden the transmission suddenly started freaking out. I say this because once I hit about 45-50 MPH it would be constant slipping and failure to upshift. Just terrible abrasive jolts. It would not allow me to exceed 50MPH. So we drove it straight home and I checked the fluid and it's right on par. There are some air bubbles in the fluid though (leak possibly?) but there are never puddles in the garage, and my Reatta has put 500 or so miles on it in the past month. So this is a new issue for me, and I was wondering if any of you know where I could start looking to pinpoint this issue... Hopefully not a new transmission ? Thanks!
  10. Wow, those are crazy low prices, My mechanic said with parts and labor new subframe mounts would be right at $950, and that just is NOT worth it to me, I will stick to my PB blaster, I have noticed a small squeak, and my mechanic suspected it was the subframe mounts or the strut mounts, but I'm am going to be the cheap guy I am and just replace the front struts plus the strut mounts and just leave the subframe alone.
  11. Really? That is a pricy wheel alignment, It must differ from area to area, cause around here they are no more than $65
  12. RetroJohnny

    MPG woes

    If all else fails you could always try replacing the ignition coil. Before I replaced mine I was averaging around 17 MPG, after the new coil I average around 23 MPG, a big jump from just replacing the coil!
  13. RetroJohnny

    CRT freaks out.

    I had similar issues, but my screen would only show up in like a 3 inch area. Very weird. My issue was my battery, I had blown a fuse while changing tail lights, and everything kinda went downhill from there, but I noticed my battery was only giving me about 10-11.5 Volts. So possibly a new battery? Becuase when I put a new battery in the screen shined like it was new, very bright. and the voltage pumped up to about 14.
  14. I have noticed those rear sparks have some sort of heat sheild you have to remove first. they kinda just pop out. then I just got an extention ratchet and tried to find the right position to take those tricky guys out.
  15. RetroJohnny

    Parts Car?

    Hey everyone, I have been meaning to post this for a while but about a month ago me and my friend saw this Reatta while driving around and within the next few days I was at their door asking if they would mind me taking a look at it. This poor Reatta has been sitting for over a decade, at this run down chunk of land right on the mississippi river in TN. I was interested in a new taillight assembly for super cheap, and this Reatta had a fine looking taillight. So I brought up me buying parts from it, and she got angry at me and said, "Honey If you ever want this car you gotta buy it in full." So I asked how much and she wants 1,200 dollars for it. The interior is quite trashed and who knows what really works on it. She said ALL it needs is a fuel tank, I smell a lie on that one. But the rims were immaculate and the CRT was in one piece atleast, and brand new looking seats, steering wheel, and body components. And it is crazy that this Reatta has been sitting not 20 miles from me this whole time, and apparently her husband, who was at work, is an avid Reatta enthusiast and supposedly has a "garage full of em" somewhere in Northwest TN.. But is it just me or is 1,200 bucks way too high for something that doesn't operate?