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Trailer Rim PSI Ratings

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I have a 20’ Haulmark tandem axle enclosed 10,000# car trailer.  It came with ST225/75 R15 8 ply rating tires with max load 2540# at 65 psi, speed rating 65 mph. I would like to upgrade the tires to Goodyear Endurance ST225/75 R15 10 ply at 80 psi, speed rating N, max load 2830#.

My question is about the rims.  On the back of the rim it is stamped 2600 lbs.  This trailer loaded will never exceed 8000# (car & trailer) total so the weight rating of the rim is fine.  Would the pressure difference between these two tires of 65 psi versus 80 psi make a difference on the rim provided I use the upgraded 100 psi steel valve stems?  Do I really need to upgrade to 2800# rims or are these ok?

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