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1932 4dr 8 Ser# I-5336, Mtr $I-5389----Wherefore Art Thou???

Bud Tierney

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Still hoping someone will turn up my old Hupp---found on an edge of town junker lot in SBO (1959)  bought for #150 (a steal even then),,,towed/driven to Santa Cruz, Cal (towed on flats and downhill, driven uphill) and to Portland, OR...

Finally gave up hopes of operation (2 children), sold to Grants pass, OR around 1975, where it was restored and later resold to someone from So Cal...

When last seen was light blue below belt line, black above and on fenders and wheel well spares (metal covers), ww tires...didn't care for color scheme, seemed to break up the line, give it a "boxy" look---; my peeling dark blue overall  with  plain black tires accentuated length, much more pleasing...

Hasn't shown up on Club register, altho forgot to check before this posting...

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