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Hello fellow members:


I am pleased to report that the first ever National Woodie Club Meet, held on September 30, 2017, in Dearborn, Michigan was a resounding success.  Forty-two woodies were in attendance along with their owners.  According to Central Director Jeff Krickhahn that represents the largest woodie gathering ever that did not take place on one of the coasts.  The weather, the cars, the people and the vibe were very reminiscent of the California shows that I have frequently attended over the last fifteen years.


Jack Boyle, especially, Jeff Krickhahn and Jeff Hobgood, your Central Directors deserve your praise as it was their efforts that made this meet a reality.  It would not have happened at all without the extraordinary efforts of member Cheryl Bassett, a Dearborn local who works for Ford and besides owns the Ford shoebox wagon that once belonged to UAW organizer Walter Reuther.


Further thanks to all who attended.


The board met the same night and has made plans for future meets, subject of another posting on this board and elsewhere



Bill Sampson

National Woodie Club President



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