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Door Handle Disassembly

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I'm in the process of getting the exterior door handles on my 1932 Dodge Brothers DL Six rechromed.  I've run into a problem with the passenger side front door handle - the only one that locks.  Paul's Chrome sent this handle back explaining I needed to have the lock cylinder removed so they could take the handle apart.  I hadn't provided them with a key and discovered that the keys I had did not fit.  After a trip to the locksmith, we determined that there wasn't a lock cylinder in the handle, just the outer piece for the key.  It must have been this way when I bought the car in 1965, and I don't honestly ever remember locking it.


Anyway, here is my problem.  This is a shot of the handle and the piece I need to remove (green circle).




This piece slides back a forth so it is loose on the shaft, but it won't come off because of the tabs in the shot below.




The tabs are actually just one piece that is  held in there by something I can't figure out.


Where the lock cylinder once resided I can see some slots, but can't determine just what is supposed to come out to make the removal of the trim piece possible.  Does the entire square shaft come out of the handle or....?




I need to get the piece circled in photo one off before a good chrome job can be done.  Anyone out there gone through this before?  Also, if anyone has a lock cylinder or a handle with a working lock, I'd be interested in purchasing it.

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usually there is a position that you would 'turn the key' and it would release the tabs.  But if you don't have keys I'm am at a loss.

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Success, thanks to Spinneyhill's advice.  Driving the pin out did the trick.  I actually had to drive it out the opposite direction that he suggested, but it came out with a little persuading.


Here is is almost out.




And the disassembled handle.




My next problem will be the door latch mechanism.  The passenger side works great, but the drivers side front latch is binding badly and I can't quiet figure out what the problem is.  Anyone know how to remove the spiral spring that holds the latch open?  I need to get it off to see where the parts are binding and the force of the spring makes that difficult.


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