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Website Judging Criteria

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Not sure if this had been asked and answered before-it's been awhile since I was up here.  Do we have the judging criteria for websites somewhere.  I would like to download it.  Now if you tell me it was in with the registration for this year I will feel foolish.





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I have received a message from another webmaster who said that it was not in the registration mailing. It could be that it is mailed out later along with the letter welcoming you to the program. Hopefully Pat Buckley will chime in here with an explanation soon.

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On 3/15/2016 at 8:37 AM, Pat Buckley said:

The website judging criteria is being reviewed by the V.P. of Websites, Norm Hutton.  When the criteria is finalized, we will send out an email blast to the webmasters.

Since this was last discussed in March I was wondering if this happened and I missed it?


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