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  1. Has the letter from the AACA been emailed out to register for 2020? I thought they always sent it out in March.
  2. Has anyone gotten the email to register their websites for the National? I thought usually it was out by now
  3. I have not been here for a while so forgive me for asking what might be a dumb question. Do we all have to change to the same thing or will the web site support either Expressions or Word Press. I have had good luck with word press for a couple of other web sites I take care of? Brian
  4. Judy: Thanks so much for the logo. It's been a while since I have been here. I guess too much time spent on Facebook. (lol)
  5. Does anyone know, is there an eletronic version of the award? If so I want to put one on the Central Chapter web site (my better half won her's in 2008) Brian
  6. Bill: After they are done you might want to check the links to make sure they are complete. ie: http://local.aaca.org/myclub/page.htm
  7. Peter: We got one for Capitol City Chapter and it works good. My wife has not yet received the new password for Central chapter (Minnesota)
  8. If you want to check your web site in mulitable browsers then go to: http://browsershots.org/ You can see what the web site will look like
  9. Wayne, Thanks for the list Will there be a list of the other winners for the web sites?
  10. I just checked and flights are $278.00 plus tax to fly direct from the frozen north. Now we maybe just have to see what the vacation schedule says. BTW, Wayne, thanks for the offer of free tickets for the Publications Seminar. I would hate to think I would have to go out on the street to find them Maybe this has come up before but has anyone ever put together a list of web sites that you could check for copyrighted material?
  11. The letter came today for my wife, Debbie, who takes care of the Central Chapter, Minnesota Region website. ( I provide her with a little technical support behind the scenes). The last time we went to the annual meeting was I think 1993. Maybe I have to see how much tickets are going for to head east.
  12. I just got my first copy of the new E-News. I did enjoy reading it. And is that the new AACA logo on the top? Looks nice!
  13. Judy: I think this would be a good idea. As a webmaster, I don't really know what was required. Yes I know about what was posted last year. Maybe this is one way to be completely fair in how the web sites are judged. Just my opinion.
  14. I was wondering about this myself. I know the newsletters are judged by a point system. Are web sites still judged subjectively? Our site had won the Award of Distinction for the first two years and then this year it won the award of Merit.
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