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  1. Has the letter from the AACA been emailed out to register for 2020? I thought they always sent it out in March.
  2. Has anyone gotten the email to register their websites for the National? I thought usually it was out by now
  3. I am asking for my father-in-law. He is looking to get a 1915 motor rebuilt. Prefer close to Minnesota but I think he can work around that. The motor is apart and the machining is done. He needs it assembled. Feel free to PM me or send me an email at brian (at) callerbrian.com
  4. Is there still a list of winners published for websites? I always like to look and see if I can get new ideas for mine Thanks
  5. I was honored to receive one for the Minnesota Region and for Capitol City Chapter. I am sorry that my wife or I cannot attend. It's been many years since we attended.
  6. For sale: The complete collection of Iola Old Car Show die cast vehicles. I have 26 of them including the first two which were 1982 and 1983 1/64 scale semi-trucks with trailers. Then I have 1992-2016. Most are 1/24 or 1/25 scale and most were never taken out of the original packaging. This is the complete collection. Iola did not have a die-cast collectible from 1984-1991. I am selling the vehicles as a complete collection. The price is $20.00 per vehicle for a total of $520.00. any shipping will be extra or you can come and pick them up. Email Brian at freed@usfamily.net or call me at 612-961-6572 and I will get you a list of the years and what the vehicles were.
  7. Not sure if this had been asked and answered before-it's been awhile since I was up here. Do we have the judging criteria for websites somewhere. I would like to download it. Now if you tell me it was in with the registration for this year I will feel foolish. Thanks Brian
  8. I am wondering now, there is a chapter website that is still at the local.aaca.org and I have tried to get it removed. I sent a message to Pat Buckley at HQ but it is still there. what does a person have to do to get rid of the website? I can just make it part of the MN Region web site Thanks
  9. Thanks Wayne, the site is for Central Chapter which is still at the local.aaca.org/centralmn I can just add their calendar and stuff to the Minnesota Region Website.
  10. Just wondering who I send an email to to have the AACA stop hosting a website? Long story short, it was created in front page which is no longer supported but the site is still there. The chapter has decided not to pay to have their own and the region that they belong to has a website so we can just list stuff there. Please PM me or send me an email at Email I did send an email to the webmaster but did not hear back and the site is still out there Thanks Brian
  11. Thanks Wayne, that worked You're welcome Brian. Have a great 2013!
  12. Does anyone know the link for the AACA Awards. The one on my letter from Pat Buckley says it is supposed to be www.aaca.org/regionawards when I go there I get code 404 which is page not found Thanks Brian
  13. Hello: Will there be a list of all of the Website award winners posted? Not just the Master. Brian
  14. Wayne, Sorry you had trouble, it's common these days. One other thing I can suggest is that you change your password every so often, I know at my office I have to change it every six months so that's a good reminder for me to change the other ones. Also if you are going to read email or Facebook or whatever from either a public computer or an unsecured nextwork then change your password right away. Brian
  15. Hello: Capitol City Capter changed it's web site from the aaca hosted site (local.aaca.org/ccc) to it's oown stand alone website: Capitol City Chapter-AACA I sent the change to webmaster@aaca.org but it has not been changed yet on the AACA regions page yet. Is that where I send it or is there another place?
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