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Selling my car!! 1989

Sue Bell

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Well, I am ready to give it up, as much as I have loved her!  Mine's a 1989 yellow/ginger that I bought about 10 years ago from a used car dealer without a hard top.  My master mechanic, hubby, died 4 years ago and I have learned to work on her myself; I have the service manual from Rock Auto, NOT a Chilton's! I have replaced the starter, the alternator,and the fuel pump. The electrics are all going to shit (sorry!) The engine is complete but the head gasket blew for the second time in three years :( and the timing belt went with it this time. I bought a hard top at the junk yard but one of the Opera windows was smashed by some jerk before I got it :(. I also got a black hardtop, and the original tan top is still attached, and the window with hinges is still intact.  We have,but have not replaced the antenna motor and the passenger door handle mechanism and associated parts. The power windows are not working, a bad wire in the harness. Electric seats and radio do not work; all are recent developments.  A couple of years ago, the spare tire blew out in the rear hatch and blew out the wall, including a speaker. I would love to part this car out myself, but I am not mechanically apt to do it with my means. 



That's the worst of it!  I have a small crack in the rear bumper and some scratch marks on the passenger side front, but the body is sound. 


She has been my baby for 10 years, and I have done my best to keep up with her. Over the last few years there have been some personal issues that have made it hard for me to keep up on her, but I have been doing my best. 


Pictures will be coming later this week. Towing/moving at YOUR cost. Thinking $750, email me at sue2kewl@yahoo.com


Any more questions please contact me per email above.


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