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1958 Buick - engine mount replacement question


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Hi Everyone,


Has anyone out there ever replaced the engine mounts on a 1958 Buick without taking the engine out?

I am sure the AC, generator and power steering pump need to be removed or at least moved to the side to get better access. I would then gently move the engine up with a jack to get the old ones out and the new ones in. Is that feasible?


Thanks for any advise.



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Hi Chris,

I've pulled motors out and checked or changed mounts but never in the car. Sorry, can't help you there but if you a have chassis service manual it might direct you.....

I know there is not much room to lift the motor because I tried to remove the oil pan while in the car and then decided to pull the engine.

Curious, what model are you working on?

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You should be able to change them without pulling the engine.  It will need to be raised a bit so you can remove, though.  Either by jacking up the engine from the bottom or lifting with a hoist.  (Someone will cry about the comment about jacking it up at the balancer).  You only need to raise it a couple inches.  Keep an eye out for the fan hitting the shroud, and power steering hoses stretching/tearing.

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