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1929 Lincoln For Sale, Santa Monica CA Anyone know familiar with car?

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The car is a 1929 Type 169B. It is not in Santa Monica, it is in Santa Cruz. I have driven the car. it is very nice. The engine is 100% rebuilt and Carl is very detail oriented. Its a great car. The paint is good. The interior is original and has some wear but its its still pretty good. The car has all new chrome plating. I wish he would keep it.

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Thank you Sir for your reply. I'm sorry I did have the location wrong. I have backed away from the car only because of the body style & the condition of the interior. I prefer a Club Sedan style, (not quite so long in the body). I'm actually going to "jump ship" & look for a 35-36 Packard Club Sedan, Eight. I have a couple Lincolns now & love them, but now I want a Packard, also beautiful cars.

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