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Wagner Relay

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My EPK Big 6 came with a Wagner 6 Volt Relay which after 9 decades has given up. 

Does anyone have something suitable to replace this or if I am exceptionally lucky a NOS?

I know that's a big call.

Thanks in advance for any info here,


Brisbane   Australia

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A little more info is needed.  What is the relay for?  Have you got a photo or part number?  Give your engine serial number.


If it's the generator relay, do you have a Remy or Wagner generator?  Is the relay mounted on the generator or on the dash?  Is the case round or rectangular?  There are four different part numbers listed for EP generator relays.  


One good contact is Glenn Cheaney at Ace Alternator and Starter in Wichita, Kansas.  See http://acewichita.com/index.html

His email is gcheaney@aol.com

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Roger had corresponded with me and said that his horn was stuck on and he traced it to his horn relay which he opened up and found the coil and contacts burnt.  His Big 6 uses Wagner electronics.  I have a couple of Wagner relays but am not sure if they are generator cutout relays or horn relays (if they even used a horn relay on a 1925 Big 6).  That is why I asked for a photo.


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Thanks Scott and Gary, I will email you a pic Scott in the next day or 2. It's a round one that sits on the firewall about 2 inches in diameter, the top is quite easily removable (with the name Wagner stamped on top) and you can see the points and coil winding inside. The points are open and don't pull down with power connected, the Amp meter goes to full positive position when the relay is connected and power is on and the horn screaming.


The thick red and black wires come directly from the Junction box and connect to terminals E and F.

Only when I disconnect the wires from the relay my horn stops. 

I don't know about its other functions of the generator control and I haven't tested to see if the lights still work since disconnecting this. 

I cant see any other obvious relays around the car. So maybe it is a multi function relay?

In the manual it is listed as a K-44 Wagner relay.

Regards Roger

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I don't see any connection between the horn wiring and the generator relay in the wiring diagram.  Is it possible that there is a short in the junction block which puts battery voltage on the horn even when the horn button isn't pressed?  Is the horn button shorted?


The relay is there to disconnect the generator from the battery when the engine speed is too low to charge the battery.  The relay also prevents battery voltage from turning the generator into a motor if the engine is stopped, so the relay points should be open when the engine isn't running or is at low rpm. 




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