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1928 Buick-Dark Trail Green & Vermillion

Guest Devendra Singh Dhariwal

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Guest Devendra Singh Dhariwal


In my endeavour of authentically restoring a McLaughlin Buick, model 28-25,now nearing the completion due to big help and guidance from fellow senior, David B, I seek help on dark trail green color.


I have been able to find the original Trail green color, thanks to Jim Wells, a very light green with yellow hue. But cannot find dark trail green to be used in inset panel. Will someone please help me on this?


I also need the correct Buick Vermillion for '28. According to Jim it's either Coca Cola red or English coach red.

Please advice.


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I have collected information and chips for 1929 Buicks.  There is a Trail Green listed in an 'Acme White Lead & Color Works' chip but no mention of a 'dark trail green' being used in 1929.


There is a 'Buick Vermillion' listed as an Inset Panel, Stripe and Wire Wheel colour but I don't have any chip reference.  I believe Mac Blair may have some actual colour reference.


Bill McLaughlin

1929 McLaughlin Buick Roadster

Supporter of "All Together Parking by Era"

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