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For Sale, M-37 Dodge Power Wagon. 1953, Very solid.

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Here's a 1953 Dodge Military Truck based on the original Dodge Power Wagon. This is a P.C. (Personnel Carrier) version. This is one solid old truck. It has never had a frame off restoration. Basically, after the Army sold it for surplus after the Korean War, it became a Brush truck for the Schodack, NY Fire Department. It was sold in the late eighties and came to the previous owner at that time. It has been repainted several times and basically stored in a barn on his farm. We would start it up and run it around the farm several times a year just to keep it limber. I did replace the wiring harness in it a number of years back and added the Military 24 volt turn signals. Also, there was a leak under the transmission and it was from several bolts that held the 4WD levers in place that was missing. I replaced them recently and that stopped the oil from gushing out. I replaced the fuel pump with the correct Military style pump recently and put a carburetor kit in it several years ago. This truck is equipped with the enclosed fording equipment and is equipped with the correct 24 Volt Electrical System. New points in the Distributor a few years back. I went though the brakes and upgraded the wheel and master cylinders to Stainless Steel sleeved ones not many years ago. There is no rot on the body anywhere. Not even in the battery Box. In this respect it is a survivor. If you are looking for a Truck that has not been welded up and patched together, this is the one to buy. Enough talk. Look at the photos and see for yourself. Starting off at $8500. Will dicker. Best times to call is between 7PM and 9PM Evenings. Or Mornings between 7AM and 8:30AM.


Contact Info,

David Brennan

30 Woodland Rd.

Craryville NY12521



(518) 325-7610


E-mail. onedandydaves@gmail.com











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I did notice that there is a crack in the passenger window. Also, I think it may need a sending unit in the fuel tank as the gage bounces from nothing to full as it is driven. More photos later. Any Question, Ask away Matey's , I'll answer as best as I can. Dandy Dave!

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More Photos. Doing some more Research, According to the plate, This truck was originally used at the Army Ordnance Corps Stationed in Fort Lee, Virginia.  


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