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Wanted: Series 80 carburetor and/or parts


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I am looking for a series 80 carburetor for my wife's 1925 Runabout. I would prefer one that is working and can just be put on for running but parts carburetors may help if the entire float and needle valve mechanism is intact. I am also interested in knowing if anyone has put a modern carburetor on their Series 80. A replacement carburetor may be the best way to go. So if you put on a modern replacement, would you please let me know what kind of carburetor you used and where to get one? We have promised her car for a benefit in early August and I need to get it running before July runs out Thank you indeed!


Well, it seems my first attempt a this post actually got posted. When I went to send it  I got error messages (my computer is getting a bit old) and assumed that it did not post. So I wrote another one. Sorry, that is why it is here twice. I also did not put in my direct email address which is brasscars@charter.net.

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Contact GLong on the forum here, or in the Pierce club look in the roster from Michigan, last name is Long. He is the Series 80/81 expert. Just don't stick a carburetor on the engine. If you don't jet it and tune it correctly, you will melt the Pistons. Saw it two years ago at the PAS meet. Carburetors aren't that difficult to find so it's worth your effort to put the correct one on it.

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