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1966 Cadillac VIN location

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a friend owns a 1966 Cadillac Eldorado and we have the problem to find the VIN for our safety inspection. The plate at the left center pillar post is missing. 


Is there a place where the VIN is stamped in in the frame at the 1966 model?


Or if not, where is the engine number located. Perhaps it is still the original engine so it should be then the VIN also. But the best would be a number in the frame.


Kind regards



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There is no other complete VIN on a 1966 GM car, only the one on the VIN tag.  There are VIN derivatives stamped on the frame, which contain only nine of the thirteen characters in the actual VIN (the first character and the last eight).  I don't know if Cadillac stamped the VIN derivative on the block or not in 1966.  I do know that Oldsmobile did not start doing that until it was federally required in the 1968 model year.

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Yes, the complete VIN is on the top of the frame by the battery  The engine block number is on drivers side rear of block on top.  Joe  is incorrect as the VIN will start with E6 on the frame for an Eldorado, followed by 6  build sequence numbers and you should see the entire VIN on the frame.



I have 6 of these cars and feel free to message me if you would like assistance on phone. 

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