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Selling restored 1926 Ford T chassis W/ Fenders .NYS Regestration include. LOOK!


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I have a 1926 Ford that was taken in partial trade and am selling as a complete car or you can buy the restored /running chassis with fenders , lights, running boards, aprons ect.  This will make a gret speedster. The motor was rebuilt at a first class shop and runs well. There are lots of new parts here. The body can be bought separately with all glass and regulators, sun visor ect for $2000.00. Im willing to sell anyway you want to buy it! 585 738 1541 Mike









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The chassis is sold ....Going to Canada. I still have many 26-27 parts to sell . Front and rear fenders, sedan gas tank, sun visor , front folding seat assembly , rear seat springs, splash aprons, engine splash fans,  sedan rear side window regulators and steel panels,lights, Ford T jack, and MORE All very good prices!

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