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Two '58 Villagers for sale

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Kind of a lurker here; sorry if this comes of a bit like spam since I don't contribute much...


I have two 1958 4 door villager wagons for sale in NE Kansas.  One was a parts car and one was being subjected to a restoration it appears before I got it.  The partial resto one was heavily optioned with air, power seats, power windows, etc.  These are sitting outside and it is time to pass them along to someone who can use them while there is still some good left.  Please PM me through the message board for phone contact info.  Price will be fair and negotiable for someone who can use them.



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Guest edsel ronny

Hello Junior member


i hope you can send me a lot of pictures so i can get a good idea what you are selling.


i am looking for a 1958 villager so this could be my chance.



thanks ronny lucassen

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Mr. Hopper, this particular ad category doesn't get

nearly the number of views that the overall categories receive.

I'd recommend posting your ad in the "Buy/Sell- Cars" category.

It's near the top of the forum's long list of categories.


Also, attract potential buyers:  Be sure to include several

photographs.  Giving a phone number where you can be

reached is good too.


All the best to you, and may your cars find a good home!

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