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  1. need tail lights for 1955 chry. new yorker
  2. oldmanreo1924


    need tail light lenses for 55 Chrysler new yorker. email,oldmanreo1924@gmail.com
  3. would like to see more of theback of the body
  4. Dwight Romerger I saw on your answer to this post you have vesta lights I ou do I am interested oldmanreo1924@gmail.com
  5. hi I have 2 reo 23 and 24 clutches are run dry,the pads for release bearing I made out of riveted disc pad material you may that flywheel removal cad be a real pain
  6. thank's Mark but I flew down to his place and was told by him o parts were for sale only whole projects and the prices for them were different then I was quoted before the trip
  7. need water pump complete for t6 reo
  8. I am in need o these for 1924 reo t6 can you send email oldmanreo1924@gmail .com
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