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Windshield Gasket Memory


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I'm finally at the stage on my restoration to install the windshield.  I took the new rubber gasket out of the box where it has been coiled up for 2 years since remanufactured.   The coiling of the gasket has put curves into the solid rubber.  That would be great around the 4 corners of the glass but not so much on the other sections.  I tried soaking the rubber in hot tap water with no luck.  I've heard of people putting the seal in the oven but I'm not about to do something that extreme without reach out to this group first.  The rubber is very thick and pliable but the bends seem too extreme to overcome during the install.  Any recommendations for removing the memory?


Thanks in advance.

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I would try putting it in the sun for a while and straightening it out. Or, in a bath tub of hot water. It may take time for it to soften up and take a new shape but it should be ok eventually.


If it is real hard it may be too old to use, even if you get it on the car it may dry out, crack and leak in a few months.

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