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signature photos broken?

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I notice with the transition to the new forum software that existing signature pictures appear broken. All I see is a double [sIGPIC/] where they should be appearing. I've edited mine to remove it for the moment, but was wondering if this would be fixed in the coming days or if all users needed to edit their existing signatues to add pictures back in.

Also have seen a table formatting issue in one post that was made prior to the changeover. I am guessing the formatting commands in this software are different from VBulletin, causing it not to display correctly.

Overall, the new setup looks - and works - good. A few things to get used to yet. One thing I see (at least on mobile firefox) is that the new post entry window uses a monospaced font, which looks slightly odd to me versus the old software. Not sure if this can be tweaked or not.


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As far as I know, IP.Board doesn't store a pic specifically for use in signatures.

You can place a pic in your sig by linking to an image stored elsewhere (for example, at Photobucket) and you can used the My Media function to insert a pic that you have uploaded previously.

Can't advise on the mobile Firefox question, as I remain a cellphone Luddite and don't have a smartphone. Make sure you are aware that the post entry window has two modes that toggle via the switch icon on the left side of the button bar.

When the buttons are active, the fonts are proportional to my eye. When the buttons are greyed out, monospaced for sure. No idea whether it works the same in mobile Firefox.

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