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Good price on a lot? XJS and XJ6

Guest livingweapon

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Guest livingweapon

Dear forum,

I am new here and signed up to get your opinions, I have bought and sold many domestic antique cars and love them but have recently thought about getting into foreign car.

A friend of mine is selling two xjs, 1989 Jaguar XJS 127,890 miles, 1984 Jaguar XJS 114,051 miles, and one xj6 for 1985 Jaguar XJ6 88231 miles.

All of the cars run and are inspected, no major rust on any of them, the only "problem" is that the 1984 xjs transmission needs to be adjusted and paint needs to be touched up on all of them.

All cars together are being sold for $6,000.

Since I do not know anything about the market for these cars, I was wondering if I could get some input on the cars and the price they are being sold for.

Thank you,


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Hello LIvingweapon.


Depending on your perspective, at $6K these cars are either a great bargan or just another example of great old cars that for whatever reason, have limited demand or desirability and therefore, are really cheap right now. If you are looking for a fun hobby and like to tinker, awesome deal. However if you are thinking about flipping these cars, there is a lot of competition (just search Craigslist as an example). Obvioulsy, if there is an example of an original  pristine show car out there, it might command some higher dollars. Rust free examples with original paint, upholstery and wood in excellent condition are rare, but most you find these days are are showing much wear and tear. The problem with many is because they are so cheap, they fall into the hands of someone with limited skill or resources to keep them in good shape and they then tend to really fall apart quickly. A faded paint job with clearcoat damage, worn and torn leather upholstery, dried and cracked interior wood can be very expensive to restore and those few cars that are pristine originals are often preceived more valuable than a resprayed or reupholstered car. Mechanical parts, for the most part are readily available for the automotively skilled DIY people out there who are willing, but finding a good mechanic who can work on the V12 or XK - type sixes can be a very expensive experience. Given your example, you could consider keeping the one that your really like and maybe sell the other two (maybe) and just take a deep breath and enjoy the experience. Right now, virtually any XKE (especially an early series I car) is worth a near fortune, but their is little market demand for for XJS and XJ6 cars with a few exceptions. This could change in the future, but as far as I can tell, it is going to be a while, and only the best examples will be valued.



(Currentl own a 1996 XJ6 and 1965 3.8S)

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I tend to agree with Erik

Presumably the two XJS are V12 and unless you are a capable mechanic with some knowledge of these cars I would advise that regardless of the price that you steer well clear of them. Even more so if you have little or no knowledge of Jaguars, I would suggest that in the words of the old fishermans creed, One at a time is good fishing.

Even then, from personal experience, Jaguars have a nasty habit of biting the hand that feeds them.



Past owner 1939 SS 3.5 Litre, MK 7, 3.8S, 2 x XJ6, XJ Coupe.

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