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Save me!!!

William Rule

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I spotted this Reatta in Grand Junction, Colorado this afternoon. The owner lost leg and needs a wheelchair able suv, van; etc. Will trade!!!! His name is Rocky ----Phone number 970 986 2189. As you can see in my photos the car is very dirty inside and out. It has a three inch crack in the lower left corner of the windshield that goes a bull's eye to the bottom. What looks like rust showing around spot weld in the left wheel well is really road damage [the plastic liner is beat to crap--maybe a tire came apart?]. I see NO RUST any where else. As you can see by the date code the high dollar summer tires are a year old and show no mileage at all----rubber **** still visible. The door panels are VERY fine. I could find no chips or dents. Under the dirt is a fine FACTORY paint and pin stripe. Spend a hundred with Jim Finn, detail this Reatta and enjoy a good rust free survivor! I would have bought this driver today if it had a tan interior AND I still might. This is not a beater. It will clean up and look great in any accumulation [collection]!. The price is so right. Please buy this so I can't.post-59602-14314303598_thumb.jpg




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